MMG Team

Dakota Alawan

Technician - CPR Strongsville
440-268-6627     Email

Hank Anderson

Store Manager, CPR North Canton

Adam Arthur

Lead Developer, Staff Trak
877-392-6278 x643    Email

Jenny Arundel

Social Media Strategy Manager, Front Porch Solutions
877-392-6278 x 668    Email

Josh Baham

Manager of Technical Systems, CPR
877-392-6278    Email

Jason Bailey

Manager of Technical Operations
216-674-0645 x647    Email

Jason Barresi

Chief Information Officer
877-392-6278 x644    Email

Laura Beans

Content Marketing Manager, Front Porch Solutions
877-392-6278 x 634    Email

Colin Billings

IT Support Specialist
877-392-6278 x 687    Email

Bill Bishilany

Director of Franchisee Coaching
877-392-6278 x 649    Email

Milo Bolender

Senior VP
(877) 392-6278 x 615    Email

Jacob Braden

Market Manager, CPR
877-392-6278 x 657    Email

George Byrne

Frontier Adjusters Customer Service Representative
877-392-6278 x 611    Email

Greg Coffey

Director Business Development, CPR
877-392-6278 x 630    Email

Gary Cowgill

Full Stack Developer, Staff Trak
877-392-6278 x 623    Email

Jessica Czekalinski

Assistant General Counsel
877-392-6278 x 619    Email

Responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for all MMG brands, including mandated state franchise filings.

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Allyn Davies

Meeting Coordinator, Chair MMI Charities
877-392-6278 x 625    Email

Coordinates and plans the logistics for all meetings for the Franchised Companies of the Merrymeeting Group.

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Ben Davies


Erin Davies

Account Director, Front Porch Solutions
877-392-6278 x 660    Email

John Davies

(877) 392-6278 x612    Email

Christopher DePoorter

Director of Tax & Financial Compliance
(800) 528-1187 x2236    Email

Karen Diaz

Accounting Clerk
(800) 528-1187 x2273    Email

Daily accounting activities for MTOclean, Inspect-It 1st and Frontier Adjusters.

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John Elson

Director – Field Operations & Support, National Technical Leader & Director of Education for Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection
480-272-6911    Email

John Elson has served in this capacity since Inspect-It 1st was purchased by MMG in 2007. He resides in the Phoenix area...

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Ed Ferrie

Client Liason & Support / Call Center Support Manager
(800) 528-1187 x2244    Email

Marketing – including developing new client accounts, attend conventions, act as direct client liaison with clients...

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Colleen Foster

Building Manager
216-674-0525    Email

Deborah Franklin

Customer Service Representative, Frontier Adjusters
877-392-6278 x 648    Email

Kylene Golubski

Executive Director, allyAMC
877-392-6278 x 610    Email

Kylene has worked for Merrymeeting Group (MMG) since 2001, overseeing operations for several of MMG’s franchise system subsidiaries.

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Igor Gromilic

Manager, CPR Strongsville

Mary Kay Gross

Customer Service Manager
877-392-6278 x 633    Email

Jeff Harcourt

(877) 392-6278 x 614    Email

Jeff is a graduate of Miami University. He has been the Chief Operating Officer of Merrymeeting since its inception in 2001.

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Terry Hawthorne

Accounting Clerk
(800) 528-1187 x2239    Email

Assistant Accounting Manager for Sodexho Marriott Food Service for 12 yrs. Duties included payroll, A/P, A/R and Cash Manager.

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Will Hill

Manager, CPR Fairlawn
1-800-905-4335    Email

Gina Iacozili

Training & Onboarding Assistant
877-392-6278 x 663    Email

Judy Inman

(800) 528-1187 x2265    Email

Andy Janek

Technical Operations Support, CPR
877-392-6278 x 683    Email

Chris Jourdan

Business Development, CPR
877-392-6278    Email

LeAnne Kienast

Assistant Compliance and Regulatory Manager
216-674-0645 x 679    Email

Shari Kosec

Director of Onboarding & Training
(877) 392-6278 x 616    Email

Ms. Kosec oversees all office transactions for all the MMI brands. She is also responsible for updating each Brand’s Franchise...

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Marge Kurth

Support Leader
(920) 885-6161    Email

Handles all support issues with Staff Trak and all related modules.

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Jan Liska

GOC Customer Service Representative
1-800-905-4335    Email

Jaime Makey

Market Manager, CPR
877-392-6278 x 652    Email

Ryan Martin

Systems Engineer
877-392-6278 x 629    Email

Provides tech support for Merrymeeting corporate staff, franchisees and belongSUITE. Provides web application development...

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Dijana Milicevic

Administrative Assistant
877-392-6278 x 626    Email

Laurel Park

(800) 528-1187 x2266    Email

Laurel has been the CFO of Merrymeeting, Inc, Frontier Adjuster’s parent company, since its inception in 2001.

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Jarrod Phillips

National Account Operations Manager, CPR

Diana Pilekic

Social Media Strategy Manager, Front Porch Solutions
877-392-6278 x 660    Email

Janice Prystasz

Customer Service Representative, Frontier Adjusters
877-392-6278 x677    Email

Jorge Flores Rivera

Technician, CPR Central Phoenix
602-354-8126    Email

Alex Robles

Application Developer
877-392-6278 x 656    Email

Steve Rossa

National Director Business Development: K - 12
877-392-6278 x 675    Email

Dave Roush

President, JDP Holdings
(877) 392-6278 x 645    Email

Dave was the founder and Chairman of the Board of Established in November 2000, grew...

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Tara Schmitt

Education & Membership Manager, allyAMC
877-392-6278 x 670    Email

Josh Sevick

877-392-6278 x 641    Email

Chris Smelko

Technical Support Analyst
877-392-6278 x 664    Email

Austin Steger

Technician, CPR North Canton

Kate Stretar

Director of Operations, allyAMC
877-392-6278 x 681    Email

Mark Sweeterman

Brand Manager, Sunbelt / Franchise Sales Manager
877-392-6278 x 617    Email

Holly Thomas

Director of Accounting
(800) 528-1187 x2258    Email

Daily accounting duties for MMI Business Brokers, LLC dba Sunbelt, Sunbelt Referral Program Development Company...

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Debbie Thompson

Quality Control Specialist
(920) 885-6161    Email

Debbie spends most of her days in Staff Trak testing and documenting software. She also provides backup to the support department.

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Raimona Towne

Bookkeeping Clerk
(800) 528-1187 x2232    Email

Cash Receipts/Invoice Entry.

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Tyson Ware

VP / Director of Operations, Frontier Adjusters
(877) 392-6278 x 635    Email

Assist upper management on the continuing efforts to grow Frontier Adjusters and execute the overall strategic plans and...

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Kim Weinberger

National Director Business Development: Computer Services
877-704-1702 ext 701    Email

Michael Woods

Junior Developer, Staff Trak
877-392-6278 x 682    Email

Margaret York

Bookkeeping Clerk
(800) 528-1187 x2230    Email

Cash receipt data entry, manages new & existing clients, and composes letters to companies (reimbursement, etc.).

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Kathy Zartman

Accounting Support Manager
(800) 528-1187 x2252    Email

Manages the bookkeeping clerks, field loan/advance requests from franchisees, and handles payroll.

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Justine Zola

Onboarding Coordinator
877-392-6278 x 667    Email